Website Translation

The translation of a landing page or website is a very delicate thing, since it is literally visible to everyone. In other words, the client's image is at stake.

By Arnulfo Sotomayor

10 de abril del 2020

Delicate Issue

Translating a web page is not simply doing the translation from one language to another. It is necessary to analyze to whom it is dedicated to and the tone to be used. For example, a translation of a technology web page that includes the word computer, if it were addressed to Spain we would have to say "el ordenador", if it were for Mexico "la computadora" and if it were for Colombia "el computador."

But it is not only necessary to take care of these aspects of form, but you must bear in mind the psychology of the public to whom it is addressed, how they speak, how they think, how they read better and how they understand a message better.

Addressing an audience of seniors is not the same, talking to a group of youtubers, fond of drones and virtual reality.

Al igual que se mencionó sobre la traducción, es necesario respetar todos los códigos internos del texto y es necesario calcular como se verán los diferentes botones y menús con el nuevo Idioma. Por ejemplo, en español todo es mucho más largo. Un menú que en inglés dice About Us (8 caracteres), en español diría Acerca de Nosotros (18 caracteres), lo cual obviamente ocupa mucho más espacio. Entonces tenemos que pensar si reducimos y sacrificamos toda la primera parte y sólo dejamos la palabra Nosotros.

Another example is that if the speaker makes an analogy using the sport of cricket, generally an audience like that of Colombia would not have the context to understand the analogy. So it would be necessary to change the context to another sport such as soccer.

Likewise, when in Colombia they talk about our homeland, the country, the government, it would be necessary to explain which country we are referring to, which government, or which homeland.

That is without taking into account the religious, sexual and other taboos.

In short, the translation of a website is not a strictly technical task: it is an art!

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