* FREE demo and the first 15 minutes of your remote simultaneous interpretation for your conference.

By now, everyone has realized that online meetings certainly work. You let us know the topic and we take care of the rest. We will translate simultaneously into the main languages, online, live and with experts for each subject. Just try it! We are offering you a free demonstration of how it works and we also guarantee that if the system is not to your complete satisfaction we will not bill ANYTHING.

Interpretación Consecutiva

Consecutive Interpretation In consecutive as well as simultaneous interpretation, it is necessary to interpret exactly what the lecturer has said, but in the target language. This is done orally, but...


Interpretación Online

Online Interpretation In these moments of uncertainty due to the possible contagion with COVID-19, it is best to hold remote meetings or conferences. For those who do not speak the...



Simultaneous Interpretation Language interpretation, or simply interpretation, is the linguistic mediation activity that consists of transmitting an oral or sign language speech, giving rise to an equivalent speech in a...


Traducción de Documentos

La traducción es la actividad que consiste en comprender el significado de un texto en un idioma, llamado texto origen o «texto de salida», para producir un texto con significado...


La Traducción

Translation of Websites The translation of a landing page or a website is something very delicate, because it is your window to the whole world, literally. In other words, the...