Online Interpretation

During these moments of uncertainty due to the possible contagion with COVID-19, it is best to hold remote meetings or conferences. For those who do not speak the primary language of the meeting there is simultaneous online interpretation. makes this task easier for the client by offering simultaneous online translation services with remote experts from different countries.

By Lisa Baron

April 23, 2020

For Health & Safety Reasons

The user simply clicks the Zoom button on our website and takes care of the rest.

The customer sets the date and time and the language or languages requiring interpretation, and we arrange with interpreters in different countries to carry out the remote simultaneous interpretation.

Meeting attendees see the speaker but hear the audio in their native language.

The difference with the existing machine translation or computer translation is that in that option it is necessary to speak one segment, wait for the computer to translate, and then proceed to the next segment. In that case, it is an algorithm that performs the translation, with its respective errors in semantic issues, vocabulary, context, style, among others.

Our simultaneous interpretation is done by human experts in different countries and usually with training and experience in the topic for the meeting.

By using this service, you are not only saving air and land transportation costs, but also the consequent carbon footprint. This method also allows for a different pricing model. Previously, you would be charged by day or at least half a day. It is now possible to bill as little as a 15 minute segment of interpretation. This is much more affordable and fair for both the client and the interpreter.

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